“A delectable amalgamation” of cuisines – Séjour Restaurant

“I want my food to tell a story – yes it’s about feeding people but it’s more than that it’s about telling stories, evoking curiosity and creating conversation around a table. I love that food can do that.”

Dining at Séjour is all about going on a culinary journey of discovery curated by Chef Freddie Dias’.

Restaurant Entrance

There are two menu options to choose from. The first option, Pioneer – the tapas menu honours the effervescent City of Gold, pays tribute to the people who are constantly pushing boundaries and overcome great challenges.

The second option, Explorer – the modern fine dining menu that traverses the globe and pays homage to the curious souls.

The menu itself is cleverly presented and one can take it home as a memento.
Because my husband and I don’t like to be limited with option, we dabbled in both journeys and had one of the most memorable dining experience.

The menu
Combination of the Pioneer and Explorer menu options

Séjour is a splendid place to share food be it with a +1, family or friend, the experience stays with you.


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