Brunching at the Greenhouse Restaurant – Babylonstoren

“Wonder at everything, even the most everyday things”

Entrance at Babylonstoren

I was in Cape Town (CT) for work and had a day to spare so decided to take a drive to Babylonstoren for brunch, the drive from CT is 45m.

‘Babylonstoren is a working farm with a hotel, spa, farm-to-table restaurants, winery and magnificent garden.’ The farm is set set at the foot of Simonsberg in the Franschhoek wine valley.

Roosters having a family meeting!

I had brunch at the Greenhouse Restaurant which is located at the far end of the garden next to the greenhouse conservatory.

What I like about the location of the Greenhouse Restaurant is you get to walk through the farm. You get to see how well thought out the property is.

The Greenhouse Restaurant

The meal wrapped on the left was a Layered vegan seitan mayo and garden slaw sandwich.

The farm has so many spaces to visit, another key highlight for me was the healing garden which is located close to the greenhouse.

The Farm house shop stocks fresh produce and freshly baked bread.

I thoroughly enjoyed being at Babylonstoren, love how the land has been utilised with craftily unique spaces.

I must add, my visit was bitter-sweet…I visited the farm a day after Freedom Day in South Africa (27th April), a day where we celebrate our ‘freedom’ and commemorate the first post-apartheid elections that were held on the day in 1994.

As I walked on the property snapping away and enjoying my ‘freedom’ there was a moment when I did feel sad. Land ownership has become a bone of contention. When we have debates about land, the one question that comes up is, ‘if the brown people in the country are given back the land, what are they going to do with the land? We have no experience in managing land’

Land ownership matters. It just gives one options – be it to farm, to live or to sell and live of the sale. Owning acres of land gives one Freedom to also create their version of a Babylonstoren.

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