Finding my inspiration – Event Decor

After almost 6 months of not been active on my blog, due to a minor case of writer block and no inspiration. I finally found my mojo these last couple of months and realised just how much I missed writing and sharing my splendid experiences.
Just recently I did a 60th dinner event for one of my clients.

Initially our concept for the décor was classic, elegant with a bit of bling (crystal) however a week before the event we decided that the look was a bit too ‘wedding’ and would not be appropriate for a male who was celebrating their 60th. We opted to create a darkly bold look showcasing a powerful combination of bold style, rich red colour and an overall powerful look.

Thanks to Wally and the team for putting it all together.

Venue look and feel

Low centre piece




2 thoughts on “Finding my inspiration – Event Decor

  1. Wow, wow….oh wow! I love this!! 🙂

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