Riding for a Purpose – Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge

On the 10th November 2012 I embarked on another cycling challenge and attempted the Momentum 94.7 to raise money for organizations that offer a range of services to individuals and families infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. These organizations provide Home-based/Community-based care services to ensure that the basic needs of people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHAs) are met AND in remembrance of all the Individual that have lost the battle to HIV & AIDS and all the individuals that are living with HIV & AIDS

It was a challenging race, the heat was unbearable. Due to technical issues with my bike, I had to retire after completing 55km, very disappointing indeed.



I would like to thank all the individuals that supported and donated towards the initiative. The funds that were received were donated to an organisation called Sakhisizwe. The funds were used to purchase hampers for children living in child headed homes in Orange Farm.

On to next challenge

  • On the 10th March 2013 I will be riding the Cape Argus (109km), I will be joining a Charity Organisations and riding to raise money for their initiatives.


About Sakhisizwe

Sakhisizwe was established By Ms Valencia Molisa with a few other ladies as a support group for people who were HIV infected. In the early days Valencia discovered that the meeting attendance numbers were dropping and when she went to visit the members to understand the absenteeism, she found that some of the members had passed away and that others were bed ridden being looked after by their children. The children whose parents had passed on, remained as heads of households looking after their younger sibloings and unable to attend school. Thus Sakhisizwe was formalised and plans to feed the families and ensure children attended school were put in place.

Today the centre looks after the children through providing emotional support, meals and school support in form of homework support and also provides assistance to adults that are HIV infected through the provision of meals and home based care services.

Contact Details:-

Juliette Veitch


2 thoughts on “Riding for a Purpose – Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge

  1. Hello how do I share this on the Sakhisizwe page. Super awesome, never knew you did this.

    1. Hey, I see you managed to post on FB. Thought I shared this with you:-)

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