iPhone 5 – To Upgrade OR not to Upgrade

So the iPhone 5 was launched, I must say, I was pretty miffed about the release of the iPhone 5 having had my ‘fossil’ 4s for only a year now.

Even though on the surface the iPhone5 might look like the 4s, the iPhone5 has been upgraded tremendously, according to most tech reviews ‘It’s thinner, lighter & faster’

I then decided to get more info and research the new iPhone5 features and if it’s worth me dumping my 4s for the 5.


The 4s screen is 3.5-inches while the iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen, an increase of 0.5-inches, both with Retina Display. The resolution has also been increased, the 4s resolution is 960 by 640 while the iPhone 5 screen resolution is 1,136×640.


Apple iPhone 5 has 8MP camera that can simultaneously capture 1080p HD videos and images with panorama while Apple iPhone 4 has 5MP camera that can capture 720p HD videos.


The iPhone 4S, talk time last up to eight hours, Internet time last up to six hours, and standby up to 200 hours. The iPhone 5’s talk time will remain the same at eight hours, internet time increases to 10 hours, and standby has 25 additional hours to 225 hours.


The old iPhone 4S uses a dual-core Apple A5 chip, whereas the iPhone 5 uses the new A6 chip.


Apple iPhone 5 runs on Apple iOS 6 while Apple iPhone 4 runs on iOS 4 and is upgradable to iOS 6.


Another new feature for the iPhone 5 is the 4G LTE. The iPhone 4S is available in 2G and 3G, although the iPhone 5 does offer 3G as well.

Wireless Connectivity:

The iPhone 5 includes Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology and Wi-Fi, although it is the same Bluetooth wireless technology as the iPhone 4S.

Storage and memory

Apple has doubled the amount of RAM, from 512MB to 1GB. Storage for apps and music also retains the same capacity as the iPhone 4S: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB; no 128GB iPhone 5 just yet, to the disappointment of some.

Once again, there is no microSD slot, The micro-SIM present in the 4S has been replaced by the even small, new nano-SIM


A free addition when purchasing the iPhone 5 is the EarPods, Apple’s newest headphones. The EarPods have reportedly been in development for the last three years with remote and mic.


Is the iPhone 5 “The biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone” …it might be for most Apple fans and groupies, I just feel that the phone is not revolutionary at all especially when one looks at the Samsung Galaxy S and all the upgrades that Samsung did. Now that phone was revolutionary.

I will stick with my iPhone 4s for now as there is no new feature or updated feature that really forces me to upgrade.


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