St Anne’s Reunion

St Annes Reunion
St Anne’s Reunion

My dear friend Nandi and I went on a mini road trip to Hilton (KZN) for our reunion. It was a good excuse to get away from the hustle and bustle of Jozi and visit the Natal Midlands a place we spent a good 5 years of our lives.

Arriving at the famous Hilton Hotel, we were pleasantly surprised to see the upgrades that have been done. The hotel now falls under the Protea Hotels Group ( )

Reunion Day: 

  • It was great being back at St Anne’s, thoroughly enjoyed going down memory lane and laughing at all the silly things that happened during our time there

    • The green jeans and black bodysuits that people wore to social
    • Singing the school hymn “o joyful light”
    • The famous afternoon “walks” to the vlei
    • Fagging and Passing
    • Early morning rising
    • Mrs Tempest and Miss Cassidy
    • The visits to the Quarry…and the list is endless
  • Being at St Anne’s was an awesome experience, I will forever cherish the 5 years spent there and not forgetting the amazing people I met:-)

Thanks to Nandi, Mel & Mary-Ann for a wonderful day.

A big thank you to Claire at St Anne’s for organising a great reunion.


1 thought on “St Anne’s Reunion

  1. This is so cool my friend. I had the best time and our bonding was amazing. Thanks so much

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