The Avengers: A GREAT Movie

An EPIC Movie!!

When Nick Fury(Samuel L Jackson) appeared at the end of Iron Man and talked about the Avenger Initiative with Tony Stark (Robert Downy Jr), I left the movie extremely excited as I knew that something great was coming from Marvel Studios. A movie with other Superhero’s…

I loved everything about the Avengers.

The story is simple and straight to the point, superheros coming together to help save the world, what more could one ask for. Naturally there will be a clash of the egos when you have so many superheros in one movie.

The script was well written and the director Joss Whedon did a stellar of a job. The cinematography was stunning throughout the whole movie.  There was never a dull moment, the cast was brilliant, I really loved seeing the Hulk in action “HULK SMASH”. I also loved seeing Black Widow (Scarlett Johanson) kick a_ _, she is awesome. Tony Stark aka Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) delivers his lines effortlessly.

The movie is a must see, the 3D element is FANTASTIC. Overall this movie gets a 5 out 5 from me.

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