Conquering the Cape Argus Cycle Tour

A month leading to one of South Africa’s three ‘largest sporting events’ in the world, I was somewhat convinced by friends that I could ride the Cape Argus. “Really, me…on a bike for 110km, not so sure…” but somehow I fell for it and believed that it was something that I could challenge myself to do.

After doing some extensive research about the race, I then decided to ride the race for a good cause. I joined a charity organisation called Imibala who’s main focus is providing a primary education for children in schools serving the underprivileged communities of the Helderberg area. (

Days leading to the race, I was a nervous wreck; the only thing that was on my mind was “would I finish the race, it is 110km on a bike” The day before the race, I drove the route with the help of friends Gugu and Letshego, I had mixed emotions as there were quite a few challenging places on the route

Race Day:

I cycled to the start with my husband as my support, I met up with other fellow riders from Imibala and I embarked on what was the craziest decision I made.

There were people on the street cheering and encouraging, there were guys falling off the bikes, there was never a dull moment.

The ride was challenging, I made it to the Top of Edinburgh Dr and the Top Smitswinkel hassle free, all seemed well until I reached Chapmans Peak and Suikerbossie. At that point the temperature was a scorching 41º. I managed to ride half of Chappies but by the time I got to Suikerbossie, I had had enough and just wanted out. At this stage it was all a mental game, will I finish, I have come this far…

I managed to complete the race in 6h24m

Arriving at the end of the race was the most amazing feeling EVER, it was such an amazing accomplishment

Will I do it again next year ABSOLUTELY and now the challenge is to do it in 5h30m…

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