Zuma Abu Dhabi – ‘The story continues…’  

My very 1st dining experience at Zuma was in 2103, I had travelled to London with one of my besties to celebrate a milestone birthday. My travelling squad (they know who they are) happened to be in town at the same time and invited us to join them for lunch. We had one of the best dining experience.

Having had the opportunity to eat at the Zuma in New York and Hong Kong, what resonates with me the most about Zuma Restaurants is the consistency in the food prep, service and overall dining experience.

Zuma New York
Zuma Hong Kong

Zuma offers a chic twist on the traditional Japanese Izakaya style – dishes are brought to the table continuously throughout the meal. The menu is comprehensive and appealing even to vegetarians, I was spoilt for choice.

Fast-forward to 2019, Zuma Abu Dhabi, was really a continuation of an amazing culinary experience – “the story continues…”

Located at The Galleria, on al Maryah island, representing the core of Abu Dhabi’s central business district; the Manhattan of Abu Dhabi, Zuma still captures the style and elegant ambience of the Zuma restaurants we have dined at.

1554636631499 (4)
Zuma Abu Dhabi

1554636540282Again, I cannot fault the food, sumptuous flavours and beautifully presented.

Izakaya style meal

Zuma is truly a unique dining experience, great atmosphere, lovely food and top-notch service.

Another Splendid Experience.

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