Stellenbosch – The Town Of Oaks #TBT

Today I was feeling rather nostalgic about places I had visited on work and family travel, so once a month, I will do a #TBT or #FBF feature and relive the wonderful experience and memories.

One of the places I fell in love with is a little town in the Western Cape renowned for its historical buildings, natural beauty and wine route. Known as the ‘town of oaks’ due to the large number of oak trees that line the streets and were planted by its founder, Simon van der Stel – Stellenbosch is truly a splendid place.

The town is abuzz with a contemporary living culture – bustling sidewalk café, restaurants, a collection of galleries and museums housing national, a mix of modern and historical architecture. It’s an idyllic setting to explore on foot.

Dutch Reformed Church
Dutch Reformed Church
Street lined with Oak Trees
Street lined with Oak Trees
Free WiFi
Wi-Fi Town

Where we ate

We really kept it simple, we had lunch at Dorp STR Deli, and Meraki – a small eatery in the heart of the town.

  1. Dorp STR Deli
  • Rustic looking feel, everything is made from recycled or organic material. Famous for their burgers, the Deli serves gourmet sandwiches, hearty breakfasts, lunch, dinner and so much more…
  • I opted for the Tapas, I just like the idea of eating a variety of different foods. I had the Wild mushroom bruschetta and the Panko crumbed aubergine – the aubergine were cooked to perfection.
    • Overall great atmosphere and extremely laid back.

PhotoGrid_1435172537878_resized2.  Meraki

  • This little Gem I discovered while roaming the street of Stellenbosch. What drew me to this place is the all-white, contemporary, clean look. There’s a definite buzz at Meraki.
  • I stopped for a quick lunch and was not disappointed, the menu is fresh with a wide selection of food, even vegetarian are spoilt for choice. The eatery also has a Harvest Table which is available for breakfast and lunch. I opted to order from the menu and had the Green wrap.
  • While there, I learned that their cinnamon buns and coffee are some of the favourite food items.
    • Love this place is really worth a visit, another splendid experience.


Where I stayed

Majeka House

  • Majeka house is an elegant, stylish, peaceful hotel with immaculate gardens. The hotel is tucked away in the leafy suburb of Paradyskloof which is 10m drive away from the main shops and café of Stellenbosch City.


The hotel the awards winning Makaron Restaurant, a spa, a large heated indoor pool, free WiFi and comfortable accommodation. I was booked in the Junior Garden Suite, a pretty spacious room with a large terrace and semi-private pool.

  • All the rooms at the hotel are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV and Lavazza coffee machines.
Room with a view
Room with a view


Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool
  • Another popular feature of the hotel is the MLounge which offers Cocktails and Wines.
M Lounge
M Lounge
Makaron at Majeka
Makaron at Majeka


With its majestic mountains and valley, Stellenbosch is truly a peaceful and special place to visit and it’s a mere 45m drive from CT.


To anyone visiting CT and have a day to spare, I recommend spending it strolling the street, visiting the galleries, grabbing a bite to eat and experiencing this beautiful town.

A truly Splendid Experience.


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